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The Gathering: A Yoga Journey

6. Januar 2023 @ 16:30 8. Januar 2023 @ 22:00

Join this free 3-day online Yoga retreat to cultivate motiveless contentment guided by mindfulness experts and yoga teachers

Probably no-one ever told you, but contentment is there for you, at any time, without any reason, no matter the circumstances! Join us for a free online weekend retreat to discover the ground of your inner nature: motiveless contentment. That’s nothing we just came up with, that’s a fundamental teaching of yoga, thousands of years old.

The Yogis created many practices and tools to tap into that state of silent joy of being alive, whatever the circumstances. This weekend, hosted by ineayoga school Corfu, will open a journey for you to discover an entrance to motiveless contentment. We gathered a few exquisite yoga teachers and mindfulness experts that will guide you through yoga practices, workshops and sessions to cultivate a deeper understanding of how to access this peaceful place of nurturing contentment.

Hosts and Head Teachers: Athina Tamaresi, Cedric Stein, TJ Maher

With Christina Chung, Cat Taylor, Sally Wooldridge.

Sprache des Events: Englisch

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