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The YINternational Summit

Februar 10 @ 15:30 Februar 12 @ 22:30

Free online yin yoga conference: Join 3 days of live classes and talks from 20+ incredible Yin Yoga teachers from all over the world!

The YINternational Summit y-invites you to 3 days of live Zoom streams of Yin Yoga practices. Join classes, lectures & workshops throughout the weekend to de-stress, heal and learn – provided online by distinguished Yin Yoga educators & experts. Explore & experience deep release of physical tension, emotions and energetic blockages in various styles & themes of Yin Yoga. 

Hosts and Head Teachers: Cedric Stein, TJ Maher, Athina Tamaresi

With Elea Gisela, Sudhir Rishi, EJ Brumfield, Natalia Petukhova and many more…

Sprache des Events: Englisch

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+49 177 54 76 900

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