Angela Collins


Angela Collins is a Sydney born RYS Certified Yoga Teacher, living and teaching Yoga in Berlin.

She first was introduced to Yoga at age 16 working with an touring Theatre company in Sydney, then later at University she trained in Yoga once more, but it was not until the after the birth of her son that she decided to use Yoga as a path to healing.

Trained in Vinyasa Flow, Meditation and Advanced Forrest Yoga-  Angela also draws on her previous studies in Contemporary Dance, Butoh, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Breathwork with Sound, and Body work to create dynamic classes accessible to everyone. She is constantly evolving her classes and ideas about what Yoga is and the potential that lies within the body and mind, meaning no two classes are the same!

Her classes focus on a holistic approach to healing-  to create strong yet flexible minds and bodies.

Angela’s classes have been described as:

Thought provoking, constantly evolving, an opportunity to transform,  a joy – and always a full body and mind experience